Why Wales?

We love getting wet in Wales and it has nothing to do with the weather.

For a relatively small country, the Welsh coastline packs in so much it’s hard to know where to start and where to stop. It is perhaps the most spectacular and varied stretch of coast in Western Europe. From the natural splendour of Pembrokeshire’s coast to the world-first designs of Anglesey’s bridges, from its wildlife islands of global importance to its medieval guardian castles, every bit of water in Wales has a different story, and a contrasting backdrop.

If you’re drawn to the sea, you’ll find award-winning beaches, pretty harbours and world-class launch facilities all along the country’s 870-mile coast. Famous (and infamous) tidal races mix with calm waters. Easy access to most areas means you spend more time on the water and less trying to reach it.

If saltwater’s not your thing, head inland to mountains and valleys where fast- and slow-flowing rivers feed pretty lakes and reservoirs, canals bring barges deep into the countryside, and enterprising activity providers turn hidden gorges into wet and wonderful playgrounds.
For Wales has water for everyone – experts and novices, dreamy cruisers and wide-eyed adrenaline junkies.

Wherever you are, and whoever you are, come and join us here in Wales – and love getting wet.

This website explores the different regions of Wales and what each has to offer.